Bootville Update Delay

Just wanted to let everyone know I have not forgotten about the update to Bootville theme. I create themes and help people with WordPress for fun and in my spare time. I planned on releasing an update a few weeks ago but right after I released the post about the update I became very busy with my real job and haven’t had the chance to complete it yet.

I could release it now but it some of the requested features are not quite complete and I’d rather release one large update than two small ones since there are no major bug reports only a few very minor ones.

As always if you do find any issues please report them it helps alot. Thanks!

INC Bootville Update

I’ll be working on an update for Bootville this week that should take care of a few small issues that have been reported. I’ll be adding an option to replace the site title with an uploaded logo instead of having it display within the navigation bar. The placement is a feature of Bootstrap and it doesn’t seem to be very useful for most users so I might as well make it useful.

I’ll look into adding more color schemes but these may need to wait until the next update as the official bootswatch ones just don’t look good out of the box with this theme and will require some editing.

If there are any feature requests or issues you’ve noticed and haven’t reported them please leave a comment on this post and I’ll do my best to add them.

PS: I’ll also be releasing an update for Bootville Lite to reflect the bug reports of Bootville, this will be available from WordPress and you’ll receive a notification in your updates section when it’s available.


Bootville Lite Live at

Bootville Lite a free responsive theme built with Underscores and Bootstrap has been approved and is now live at

Bootville Lite is a fully responsive theme built with Automattics Underscores starter theme and Boostrap Framework. It features a single sidebar with three widget areas in the footer, social media icons and three menu areas. Bootville Lite is easily customized and simple to create a Child Theme with.

Speaking of child themes Indigo child theme for Bootville Lite has been updated to reflect several changes and has been made translation ready, go ahead and update if you haven’t already. It is a good idea to update Bootville Lite straight from your themes section in your site admin this way you’ll receive notification of any updates.

If you like Bootville lite be sure to give it a rating and review at it’s page on!

Update – Indigo Child Theme


Here’s an update to Indigo Bootville Lite child theme that includes a new Homepage template with Jumbotron and six widgets. A border radius was added to the Navigation menu as well.

There are two areas in the CSS I’ve commented out that are optional. Once removes all border radius throughout the theme, the other adds a frame around the jumbotron featured image. Search the style.css for the word “optional”

Here’s how to use the Homepage Template

1. Create a new page, name it homepage for example
2. Create another page and name it blog
3. Visit Settings > Reading and set your front page to display a Static Page
4. Select the homepage page you created as the front page, and the blog page as the posts page.

Refresh your site and you should see the new page template.

The jumbotron displays the page content on the left and the featured image on the right.
Button classes can be used to create a call to action button (I’ll be creating a forum post on how to create these)
There are six widget areas that appear in two rows under the jumbotron, find these in appearance > widgets
The blog footer widgets are not displayed on this homepage.

This is a fairly basic page template but I use it for my own site and thought I would share it, if you have any questions or issues with this theme please leave a comment!

You can read more about this child theme and Download Free!

Social Links Menu in Bootville Lite

Bootville Lite comes with a social links menu that displays in the header area to the right of the site title. Here’s how you can use it.

1. Visit Appearance > Menus
2. Create a new menu, name it whatever you like ( social menu works )
3. On the left click “Custom Links” type in the URL to your Facebook profile for example, in the Link text add whatever you like it is the Facebook URL that tells the menu what icon to display.
4. Save the menu and add it to the “Social Links menu” area and save.
5. Refresh your site and you should see a Facebook icon in the header area.

Here is a list of available icons you can add to the social menu.

  • mailto:
  • feed/

If you don’t see one that you would like to have added to Bootville Lite leave a comment and I’ll make sure to include it in the next update and show how you can add your own!

Indigo – Bootville Lite Free Child theme

Here is a free child theme that works with Bootville Lite based off material design color Indigo. It features a slightly different pagination and a back to the top link along with re-colored primary buttons, widget headers and navigation.

Bootville Lite is a clean, free WordPress theme created with Underscores and Bootstrap framework.

Feel free to use this as you like, make changes to it or use it as a guide to creating your own Bootville Lite child theme. I’ll be creating more child themes for Bootville Lite in the future along with creating “how to” guides. If you have any requests feel free to leave a comment.

GPL Licensed

Visit the Theme Shop – Indigo Child Theme to download Free!

Read More

Bootville Theme 1.4 Update

Bootville 1.4 was released today that fixes an issue with a double tagline. Usually I’ll send an email to everyone that purchased the theme but I received an error when sending the emails and I’m still waiting to hear back from Easy Digital Downloads support.

To download the update simply log into the theme shop and click purchase history, there you’ll find a link to download the new version.

To install Bootville 1.4 the easiest way is to use FTP. If you don’t have FTP access simply set another theme such as Twenty Fifteen active, delete Bootville then upload an activate the new version. Your settings, menus and widgets will remain once you activate the new version.

The next version of Bootville will not include redux framework. To reduce file size and to ensure the newest version of Redux is being used I’ll be using TGM Plugin Activation which will prompt users to install Redux Framework plugin (free). There should not be any visible changes to theme options once it’s activated. This is how WordPress recommends including Plugins and Frameworks such as Redux now.

If you have any suggestions for new features or experience any issues with the new version feel free to contact me via Forums or using the contact link at the top of this site!

Bootville Theme Released

Bootville a feature packed, light weight, fully responsive theme built with Underscores and Bootstrap 3 framework. Bootville comes with many useful features such as a drag and drop homepage template, filterable portfolio built with ISOtope, integrated Font-Awesome and much more!

Bootville comes with lots of options to help you configure your site the way you want.

Options – Short list

  • Left or Right sidebar layouts
  • Typography options with over 200 Google fonts
  • Fully equipped for the free CTP Bootstrap Carousel plugin
  • Drag and Drop homepage template with button, header, footer options and Jumbotron
  • Font Awesome social icons in header and/or footer
  • Menus in header and footer

And much much more! Visit the Bootville theme page for a full list of features, screenshots and a Demo! OR

Buy Now! $12

Bootville lite users receive a 20% discount!