2010-Cataclysm Beta 2

I’ve finished updating the World of Warcraft 2010 Cataclysm theme (Twenty Ten child theme) and added it to the downloads section. Alot of bugs were fixed and a few new features added.

A few basic notes. If using the grid style layout, be selective of post titles as there isn’t much room for them. It is recommended you change the default image size for thumbnails in settings > Media 320×120(info in themes>cataclysm layout)
If this is installed on a pre-existing site, images will not auto resize unless they are reposted, this can be fixed by setting the default size, then using Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild plugin.
Also note, if you set a featured image for a post, it will show up on the main page and on the post page, it is recommended to post images a paragraph below otherwise they will show up side by side.

To use the wow quotes feature, use [wowquote author="Author" title="Title" url="url"]Content Here[/wowquote] in any post or page.

To select a layout style, goto admin > themes > Cataslysm Layout and select one of the 4 styles.

2.0 Changes

    Made style changes to the menu bar.
    Fixed image alignment issues.
    Added next and previous links to the Grid page and fixed nav links for all other pages and posts.
    Added basic theme admin with 4 layout styles to choose from Admin > Appearance > Cataclysm Layouts.
    Added better Warcraft quote style, now with source link and author.
    Fixed alignment issues with RSS block and content for all layouts.
    Adjusted fonts throughout the theme.
    Added color to comments off link.
    Fixed issue with custom avatar plugin not displaying avatars properly.
    Fixed footer background image in IE.
    Added opacity to nav menu in IE.
    Fixed H2 titles in RSS block in IE.
    Fix a bunch of other small things throughout the theme no one will notice.

Please read the instructions, this is a Twenty Ten child theme, do not try and install this theme from the admin section as you normally would.
This will probably be the last update to this theme for a while. I’m going to be working on a Rift theme with a cleaner look that works better in IE than this does.

Download it here [download id="13"]