Lots of New Twenty Ten Child Themes!

It’s been a while since I posted any new Twenty ten Child Themes on this site. I’ve been bookmarking them as I find them and one reader mentioned his own child theme in a comment so I thought I should get to work and post them.
First we have a Tumblr style child theme called Salju. I’ve played around with this theme and it’s really cool how it works. I’ve seen themes that require the use of woothemes tumblr plugin, this theme creates posts the same way, but without the use of a plugin. It has a nice background image and a snow effect built in, by WPCharity.com You can download it from their site Here – Salju Theme.

Salju Child Theme
Click the more link to see all of the new Twenty Ten Child Themes.

Next is a new type of theme called Centipede, it requires the use of the feedwordpress plugin to draw feeds in from your own social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, WordPress.com and creates a tumble style layout with color coded posts for each social feed post. Be sure to check it out.
Centipede Twenty Ten Child Theme

I stumbled across the next theme called Vidunder while looking for a tutorial on editing the wordpress author box. This theme has alot of great features added

    Custom background colour and general colour scheme
    Optional header background image
    Optional site logo in header
    Optional display of latest Twitter post in header
    Author box at the bottom of posts
    Display of the 2 latest related post at the bottom of each post
    Animated hide option for Author box and Related Posts
    Added sidebar features
    Author comment highlighting

Download Vidunder Here
Vidunder Twenty Ten Child Theme

I just discovered the next child theme called Accessible today when a reader posted thelink in my comments. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but it seems to be an improved version of Twenty Ten and it looks good from what I’ve read. Here are the features.

    Accessible colors and contrast according to WCAG AAA
    Accessible and visible link focus for keyboard use
    Optimized link hover and active states
    Skip link to content visible on keyboard focus
    Added skip links back to top after content and after footer area
    Added additional hidden headlines for sidebars (left and bottom)
    Navigation “Home” translated for german users into “Startseite“
    Customization of WordPress edtitor TinyMCE
    Translation ready (english and german included)

Download Accessible Here
Accessible Twenty Ten Child Theme

Next is a child theme called Calming. Calming is an easy to read simple Twenty Ten theme, with added support for post thumbnails. You can download it from their site Calming.
Calming Twenty Ten Child Theme

Next we have three more themes from WpCharity. Sawojajar, Titimplik and Bintaro
These themes all have similar features but different styles. Here are a list of features each theme contains.

    Very small theme package, under 20 KB
    Custom headers
    Custom backgrounds (image or color)
    Custom drop-down Menus
    Author info
    Simple, clean and light
    Threaded comment
    Contains two columns: 1 main bar and 1 right bar
    Using Google Font

Sawojarar Twenty Ten Child Theme
Titimplik Twenty Ten Child Theme
Bintaro Twenty Ten Child Theme

WpCharity has other Twenty Ten Child Themes on their site, the others require a small donation, you should check them out, donations go towards donating to the world disasters and grief. You can read more about them at their site WpCharity and all of their themes are listed Here – WpCharity Themes

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  1. dog says:

    Ho thanks man. I love twenty ten and her childs themes :)

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