Twenty Ten Child Theme List

Ever since WordPress 3.0 was released and I became interested in the new default Twenty Ten theme, I’ve been looking for more and more examples of what other people have been able to do with it.

If you would like to see your theme in this list, it needs to meet 2 requirements.

1. It must be a Twenty Ten child theme, this means no full fledged themes based on Twenty Ten, it must have the @import url(“../twentyten/style.css”); line in the CSS.
2. It must be free.

Here’s my Twenty Ten Child Theme list.

Thirty Ten – First on the list is a child theme called Thirty Ten by Aaron Jorbin. This child theme has been around before WordPress 3.0 was released, and is one if not the first publicly released child themes. There is also a detailed post on his site on how he created it. Download it Here

Twenty Ten Dot Five – The second child theme I discovered is one called Twenty Ten dot Five by Tris Hussey. Tris Basically took Google fonts and added them to his own child theme. It’s not an entire makeover, but it’s a simple way to create something to suit your own site. Download it Here

Speaky – The next theme I found was one byDronix of WPBegineer called Speaky. This child theme comes with a few nice options to alter it for your site, and looks completely different than the original Twenty Ten theme. It’s a great example of what can be done with a child theme. Download it Here

Twenty Ten Pro – The forth theme I ran into is called Twenty Ten Pro by This theme looks alot like the original Twenty Ten theme but with a few things added, such as rounded corners, text shadows, a search box and more. It looks nice, give it a try. Download it Here
DocOut – Next we have one called DocOut by I’ve used this in the past and search engines love this theme “The DocOut Document Outline WordPress Theme is meant to be used as a base to build upon. The DocOut theme was developed to take a bad Document Outline on the default WordPress theme, and make it search engine friendly” There is also a black and white version available on the DocOut site. Download them Here

2016 Child Theme
Twenty Sixty One – The next theme I found is called 2061 by This is a dark theme with a different style menu and layout, completely different from Twenty Tens original design. You can see it active on their site, give it a try as well. Download it Here
Blogging Inside Child Theme
Bloggin-Inside – Another favorite is a theme made by Mark Haus from This theme features rounded corners in the sidebar and a few other nice changes, take a look and give it a try. You can download it Here
TwentyCent v2 Child Theme

Twenty Cent – Next on my list is on I recently found while creating this post called Twentycent and Twentycent v2 by There’s not much info on these two themes as the authors site seems to still be under construction, they both look great though and you can download them Here and try for yourself.

2010 Weaver Theme2010 Weaver – Next is my personal favorite and what I use on this site called Twenty Ten Weaver. This theme has an amazing options panel for basic controls such as changing fonts, colors, add shadow effects and rounded corners and for more advanced control you can add your own custom CSS to it, insert code into the header and footer add SOE tags etc.. You can do pretty much anything with this theme, it also allows you to save your theme, or use one of the many sub-themes it comes with. The support forums are great as well. you can Download it Here

Magnitude Child Theme

Magnitude – child theme by Another nice Child theme for Twenty ten with crisp new colors, keeping the twenty ten look but giving it a look of its own as well. They have even written a very detailed description on how to create it. Check it out and Download it Here

Oh One Oh Two Child Theme
Oh One Oh Two – Russel of has created a child theme called Oh One Oh Two, he’s also written a great 5 part tutorial on how to get started creating Twenty Ten Child themes. The theme was released GPL and people can download it and see just how it fits together. Be sure to check his theme and articles out. Download it Here
Mazeld Twenty Ten Child ThemeMazel Theme – I noticed this theme which is on by Matt Mullenweg in my search for new Twenty Ten Child Themes. It’s not listed as a child theme, but when viewing the style.css the first line has @import url(‘../twentyten/style.css’); in it, so you must have twenty Ten installed in order to use it. This is the first Twenty Ten child theme I’ve noticed on Download it Here.
Megumi Zen Twenty Ten Child Theme
Megumi Zen – Yet another Twenty Ten child theme I discovered today called, Megumi Zen, by this theme Features include a custom menu,automatically generate bread crumb,8 widget areas, 2 on the front page content, 2 in the sidebar, 4 in the footer. Download it Here

Tujuh Twenty Ten Child Theme
Tujuh Theme - Late last night I found this really nice Twenty Ten child theme by called Tujuh It uses Josefin Sans Std Light from Google font API for some of the titles, and is a three column, light, clean layout. Definitely worth checking out. Download it Here
Docout Historical Twenty Ten ThemeDocOut Historical – Just released is a new Twenty Ten child theme called DocOut Historical. DocOut theme is a child theme of Twenty ten and DocOut Historical uses it as a base. I’ve used DocOut before and it’s really a great theme, well commented css and search engines love it because of it’s great document outline. This child theme features a nice choice of fonts and colors, great for any site. You can download it Here

Grey Grunge - Grey GrungeDesignerField has just released a really nice Twenty Ten Child theme called Grey Grunge. It features a grid front page layout and a nice clean post page. This is the first child theme I’ve seen with a different layout than the original, also has a nice footer area. You can check out the demo here, or visit his site for more info an the download.

2010 Cataclysm – My own twenty Ten child theme based on the Warcraft Battlenet site. It features a grid style page template, 9 header images, custom avatars, style support for Extended Recent Comments and Custom Avatars for comments, WoWhead Tooltips, Blue Post styled blockquotes, RSS Feed block and more. Check out the included ReadMe file for full info and instructions. Demo Here Download it Here

SimpleTen – A simple Twenty ten child theme based on my own site.

- 6 color schemes with an added user style you can edit yourself.
- 4 post layout styles including post excerpts, excerpts with featured image, grid style and regular style
- Options in the admin section.
- A full width forum page template for embedding a forum or store IE:Vanilla forums, SimplePress etc.
- Grayscale icons include.
- Valid CSS

Salju Child ThemeSalju – a Tumblr style child theme. I’ve played around with this theme and it’s really cool how it works. I’ve seen themes that require the use of woothemes tumblr plugin, this theme creates posts the same way, but without the use of a plugin. It has a nice background image and a snow effect built in, by You can download it from their site Here – Salju Theme.
Centipede Twenty Ten Child Theme Centipede – a new type of theme called Centipede, it requires the use of the feedwordpress plugin to draw feeds in from your own social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and creates a tumble style layout with color coded posts for each social feed post. Be sure to check it out. You can download it here – Centipede
Vidunder Twenty Ten Child Theme VIDUNDER – This theme has alot of great features added -
Custom background colour and general colour scheme
Optional header background image
Optional site logo in header
Optional display of latest Twitter post in header
Author box at the bottom of posts
Display of the 2 latest related post at the bottom of each post
Animated hide option for Author box and Related Posts
Added sidebar features
Author comment highlighting
Download it here Vidunder
Accessible Twenty Ten Child Theme Accessible – an improved version of Twenty Ten and it looks good from what I’ve read. Here are the features.

Accessible colors and contrast according to WCAG AAA
Accessible and visible link focus for keyboard use
Optimized link hover and active states
Skip link to content visible on keyboard focus
Added skip links back to top after content and after footer area
Added additional hidden headlines for sidebars (left and bottom)
Navigation “Home” translated for german users into “Startseite“
Customization of WordPress edtitor TinyMCE
Translation ready (english and german included)
Download it here – Accessible

Calming Twenty Ten Child Theme Calming -child theme. Calming is an easy to read simple Twenty Ten theme, with added support for post thumbnails. You can download it from their site Calming.
Sawojarar Twenty Ten Child Theme Sawojarar – WpCharity theme with many features.
Very small theme package, under 20 KB
Custom headers
Custom backgrounds (image or color)
Custom drop-down Menus
Author info
Simple, clean and light
Threaded comment
Contains two columns: 1 main bar and 1 right bar
Use of Google Font
Download it Here – Sawojarar
Titimplik Twenty Ten Child Theme Titimplik – WpCharity theme with many features.
Very small theme package, under 20 KB
Custom headers
Custom backgrounds (image or color)
Custom drop-down Menus
Author info
Simple, clean and light
Threaded comment
Contains two columns: 1 main bar and 1 right bar
Using Google Font
Download it here – Titimplik
Bintaro Twenty Ten Child Theme Bintaro – WpCharity theme with many features.
Very small theme package, under 20 KB
Custom headers
Custom backgrounds (image or color)
Custom drop-down Menus
Author info
Simple, clean and light
Threaded comment
Contains two columns: 1 main bar and 1 right bar
Using Google Font
Download it here – Bintaro
paraisolinux twenty ten child theme ParaisoLinux – child theme by Dog. Has alot of nice features included.
Built in social widget with a subscribe box with CSS3 effects
Social bar at the end of post without a plugin
Tweet Button at the end of each post
A related posts area that appears under each post
Adsense optimized without the need for a plugin
Subscription RSS and Facebook integrated at the end of each post
5 New headers included
3 Page templates (pages of categories, page of blogroll, page of archives)
You can read more info and download it here. Paraiso Linux Theme

If you know of anymore Twenty Ten child themes that you would like to see in this list, please feel free to contact me or post a link to them in the comments. Thanks!

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11 Responses to Twenty Ten Child Theme List

  1. Paul Lamach says:

    Thanks for the mention about DocOut Twenty Ten Child Theme. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback so far. Just to clarify. The DocOut theme was developed to take a bad Document Outline on the default WordPress theme, and make it search engine friendly.

    I commend you on having a pretty good jump on things by having your page title as the h1 header on the page. Little recommendation for you for what it’s worth. I would always try to have an h2 header set in your post.

    The DocOut theme is also just a base for others to use for better designs. That’s my next theme. It will be very close to the cool482 theme that my site is using now. Thanks again for the mention, I will check out the other child themes mentioned.

  2. Russell says:

    Thanks for the mention, – I’m planning on doing a lot more documentation about creating twenty ten child themes

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  4. Paul Lamach says:

    Looks pretty clean Scott. The document outline is looking good too.

  5. Pingback: Megumi Zen Twenty Ten Child theme | Zeaks Blog

  6. Megumithemes says:

    Thanks for the mention about Megumi Zen Twenty Ten Child Theme.

  7. Tookangweb says:

    Thanks for list, honored :)

  8. Designerfied says:

    Hi zeak and hi to everyone. Here is a child theme I built.

    I have a few more done that I am getting ready to release. Thinking next couple of days.

  9. Khizar says:

    This is a beautiful collection of twenty ten themes. Among all above themes Speaky is the best in my opinion.

  10. Sylvia Egger says:

    Hi – I made an accessible child theme for Twenty Ten.

    Greetings from Cologne, Germany

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