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Showcase your NomNom Website!

Showcase your NomNom Website! 4

I’ll be creating a new page on this site and on the main NomNom website showcasing 10 or more websites using NomNom theme. If you have done something special with NomNom theme or think your website using NomNom theme looks awesome and would like your site to be showcased here. Please use the contact form at the Read More…

NomNom 2.0 Child Theme and Shortcodes Plugin

NomNom 2.0 Child Theme and Shortcodes Plugin 7

NomNom 2.0 has been released along with the updated shortcodes plugin. I’ve decided to make NomNom 2.0 a premium theme as I have spent over a year creating it and countless hours giving support, it’s been very time consuming. (1.7 will always be available , keep reading) NomNom 2.0 theme costs just $5.00. With that Read More…

Paid WordPress Customization

Paid WordPress Customization 2

Most of the information needed for these design changes can be found throughout my site, but sometimes users are not comfortable doing it themselves, don’t have the time, or just don’t understand or want to do it. So I’m offering custom help, prices are as follows. If you have questions about something not listed here, Read More…

Double Content bug fixed – Please Update

Double Content bug fixed – Please Update 11

The double content bug when posts were set to show full was caused by a missing IF_ statement in the new Adsense file. You can download the new version, or just update adsense-options.php with the one in the zip. Sorry for the inconvenience. PS: I know i said the last version would be the last, Read More…

Feedburner URL – Fixed! 0

I just noticed my feedburner URL was wrong and pointing to a personal blog of mine, I changed it when I had the database issues a couple weeks ago. It’s been updated, sorry for all of the random posts.