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Vanilla Forum Warcraft Theme

Vanilla Forum Warcraft Theme 2

I’ve finished the Warcraft Vanilla Forums theme that matches my 2010-Cataclysm theme. It’s the first time I’ve done anything with a forum theme before, so I’m sure there’s things I missed or didn’t notice. This theme is meant to be installed on a forum that is using the wordpress embed plugin for Vanilla forums . What it does is places your forum into Read More…

Warcraft Style Blockquotes

Warcraft Style Blockquotes 0

A while ago I played around with a plugin that would change the look of my blockquotes to mimic World of Warcraft blue posts as seen on mmo-champion. There’s been a few updates and added features over the past few months, but I found the easiest way to get the style I wanted was to Read More…

2010 Weaver Sub Theme

2010 Weaver Sub Theme 1

I’ve been playing around with Twenty Ten Weaver , trying to come up with a clean minimal theme. I’ve always liked the Manifest theme but missed a bit of functionality when I used it. Anyways here’s a screenshot of something I’m working on, it’s Twenty Ten Weaver, and everything is done from the advanced options using snippets. It’s not Read More…