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Site Overhaul | 2010 Weaver

If you’ve visited here before then you might have noticed the site looks a bit different. I finally got around to cleaning it up and restyling it. The site still uses Twenty Ten Weaver but a newer version. I started using Fluxbb on another site and I really liked the simple clean look of the forum, so I tried to style my site to match, hopefully they’ll come out with … Continue reading

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2010 Cata Theme Hotfix

I just noticed I forgot to update the file extensions for the wrapper and footer background images in 2010 Cataclysm theme. When I optimized the images I changed them from .png to .jpg in the images directory, but since my test site had both image types on it, I never noticed I didn’t update it in the stylesheet. This is why I keep it listed as Beta >.< Sorry for … Continue reading


2010 Cataclysm Theme Update | Repack

Warcraft Cataclysm Wordpress Theme

A few users were having trouble installing the 2010 Cataclysm theme so I decided to repack it. The theme and Custom avatars are now 2 separate downloads. I’ve optimized all images and drasticaly reduced the file size, so it can be installed through the Admin > Appearance > themes now the same as any other theme. You can download the update here The custom avatars will have to be uploaded … Continue reading


SimpleTen Theme Update 1.1

I’ve released a new version of SimpleTen theme which fixes 2 issues. First issue was I forgot to un-comment the background gradient in the css, the second was the post thumbnail size issue. I found it very confusing to work with post thumbnails for 2 layouts, the Grid style uses a narrow post area, the excerpt style uses a regular post area. There’s just no easy way I can think … Continue reading

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2010-Cataclysm Beta 2

I’ve finished updating the World of Warcraft 2010 Cataclysm theme (Twenty Ten child theme) and added it to the downloads section. Alot of bugs were fixed and a few new features added. A few basic notes. If using the grid style layout, be selective of post titles as there isn’t much room for them. It is recommended you change the default image size for thumbnails in settings > Media 320×120(info … Continue reading

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SimpleTen Child theme released

It took a  while but I finally got around to finishing Simpleten theme. It’s based off of the theme this site uses, but made to work with Twenty Ten. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s a clean easy to use all around theme with a few nice options and (I think) decent colors. You can even create your own color scheme by editing the supplied css. Featured images are displayed in … Continue reading

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Vanilla Forum Warcraft Theme

I’ve finished the Warcraft Vanilla Forums theme that matches my 2010-Cataclysm theme. It’s the first time I’ve done anything with a forum theme before, so I’m sure there’s things I missed or didn’t notice. This theme is meant to be installed on a forum that is using the wordpress embed plugin for Vanilla forums. What it does is places your forum into a page in your wordpress site, it’s very … Continue reading

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Vanilla Forum theme almost done

I decided to go with Vanilla forum for my Warcraft theme since the embed plugin seems to work great and is easy to use. There’s still some work to be done to it, and alot of css and images to clean up, but it’s about 90% complete. I had to create a new page template for the forum, the one that comes with Twenty Ten didn’t make use of the … Continue reading

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2010 Cataclysm Theme update

I made a few minor changes to the 2010 Cataclysm theme they are listed here. If you just want to update the files that were changed, upload the new style.css, and the blizzbg.png in the images folder. I’d like to see any sites that are using this theme, I know of several so far, so feel free to post your link on the theme page or email me with the … Continue reading

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Warcraft WordPress Theme – Please Read

Warcraft Cataclysm Wordpress Theme

I’ve received several emails about my theme and issues with it. All of the issues so far have been because users did not read the instructions. So a few notes about this. This is a Twenty Ten child theme, you must have the default wordpress Twenty Ten theme installed for it to work. The package is over 3mb, therefor you probably cannot upload it through the admin, even if you … Continue reading

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2010 World of Warcraft – Cataclysm Theme

My 2010 Cataclysm theme is finished. It features a grid style page template, 9 header images (yeah mostly Horde, if you have others send them, I’ll add them), custom avatars, style support for Extended Recent Comments and Custom Avatars for comments, WoWhead Tooltips, Blue Post styled blockquotes, RSS Feed block and more. Check out the included ReadMe file for full info and instructions. This is my second theme and the … Continue reading


World of Warcraft Twenty Ten theme – Comming Soon

Warcraft Cataclysm Wordpress Theme

I’ve started working on a new theme, mostly because I’ve wanted a Warcraft theme for WordPress for a long time now and haven’t found very many. I made it to reflect the new Battlenet Warcraft site a bit. It’s not nearly complete but you can take a look if you want. I’ve added the Wowhead tooltips, and old warcraft style quotes into the theme and will add some style for … Continue reading

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