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It’s just Weaver! | new version 1.7


Twenty Ten Weaver 1.6 was rejected by the theme reviewers at because of a new set of requirements that would have required an extensive re-write of the theme. After making a few changes including a name change and security updates, the reviewers agreed to host version 1.6. This could be good news though in my opinion. Twenty Ten Weaver, although based on Twenty Ten, which was basically a super … Continue reading


Twenty Ten Weaver 1.6 Final | Released


Twenty Ten Weaver 1.6 final has been released today with a long list of new features. I’ve just upgraded this site to the newest version, I’d recommend you do as well. It’s really hard to justify using any other theme since you can do anything with weaver you can do with almost any other theme if you know how. It’s hard to list all of the new features in the … Continue reading

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How to add wp PageNavi to Twenty Ten


I thought I’d post this since it’s a commonly used plugin and I just added it to my own site and styled it. Wp-PageNavi is a simple WordPress plugin that easily adds a numbered page navigation to your theme. I’ll show you how you can add it to the newest version of Twenty Ten Weaver theme. (currently 1.6 beta 6). Start off by downloading and installing the plugin, then head … Continue reading


Twenty Ten Weaver – 1.6 Beta 2 | Released

Twenty Ten Weaver 1.6 Beta 2

A new major version of Twenty Ten Weaver has been released today, with lots of new and improved features. Twenty Ten Weaver is what this site runs on, it’s packed full of features that are easy to use for beginners and advanced users, you can do almost anything with this theme. Here’s a partial list of some of the new features. Rounded Corners and Shadows for IE 8 and earlier! … Continue reading

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Weaver 3 Column Page Template

After reading a forum post on the Weaver Forums I played around with the custom page template I made for weaver and created a 3 column page. I’ve added the sidebar code to the page template instead of pulling it from sidebar.php, this allows me to style the widget areas separately and do anything I want to the page. Instructions on using it are included in the zip along with … Continue reading

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Weaver Custom Page Template

I’ve created a custom page Template to use for 2010 Weaver. It’s nothing amazing, I just changed a few tags in page.php and added an example style to show how to use it. Just extract the zip, read the included read me file, upload the weaver-custom-page.php to your 2010-weaver folder and set your page template to use it. You can download it from the downloads link at the top. UPDATE: … Continue reading


Twenty Ten Plus – Weaver Style

I’ve finally finished my 2010 Plus Weaver sub-theme style. This is a 2010 Weaver theme I created, based on my own site. I wanted to wait on the release until the new beta version of Weaver was out so I could take advantage of the post meta icons. I’ve added code to style Wizzart recent Comments, Clean Contact Form and Comment Form Quicktags to match the theme. Some things will … Continue reading

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Weaver Snippets

I’ve added a section in projects called Weaver Snippets. it’s basically a list of some of the code I used on this site. Snippets are css code added into the <head> section of Twenty Ten Weaver theme which overide basic settings or change settings not in the basic options. This list of snippets is a work in progress and I’ll be updating it often. I doubt everyone will find it … Continue reading