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    I’m going to list any new features I’ve added to Bootville that were added since I made the blog post.

    • Added option to load Javascripts locally or from CDN
    • Added bootstrap thumbnail class to all content images (may add an options to toggle this)
    • bbPress template completed for each color scheme
    • “Read More” button options now affect both auto excerpt links and manually created excerpt links.
    • Added colored footer area (similar to for some color schemes, some looked better without it. The footer color is based on the default color scheme navbar, an option may be added later to switch colors based on the inverse on/off option and an option to just turn the color off as well. I’ll wait until I get some feedback after release.

    I’m also looking for a beta tester or two. The user will receive a free copy of the theme if they provide constructive feedback. Use the contact form at the top if you would be interested.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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