Rift – Planes of Telara

I finally got a beta invite for Rift: Planes of Telara. It’s a new game being released very soon which I’m hoping might replace World of Warcraft for me since I’m not enjoying the newest expansion and neither are several of my friends.

Rift is supposed to be released on March 1 2011, you can pre-order it now from their website. Rift Planes of Telara I’ll post some videos and screenshots this Friday when servers are online. I guess the beta is only running for the weekend, but this will at least give me an idea if I like it or not.

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  1. Cablespider says:

    I had a blast in Beta 4. I was glued to the desk for three days straight. My wife had flashbacks of my all nighters in WoW years ago. I can hardly wait until launch!

  2. Cablespider says:

    I got my invite to. They also gave me 25 VIP beta keys for guild members. The only thing is….my guild broke up and split long ago. If you know anyone wanting a beta key…send me an email.

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