Twenty Plus IE Fixes Complete

Sorry for the delay with fixing the Internet Explorer 8 issues with Twenty Plus. It was a bit more involved than I expected.

I do need to wait until the WordPress update as some of these changes will not work properly with the current version of WordPress or Twenty Twelve.

Based on user feedback the meta icons were removed, I think it’s best if I leave the styling up to the user. Like NomNom theme, I want to leave this theme as close to the original as I can while still offering useful options.

Here’s a couple screenshots of the new options

Here’s the entire changelog for version 1.2

IE 8 and IE 7 Updates

  • Redesigned all layouts to work with IE 8 and IE 7
  • Removed IE 8 and IE 7 responsive support (not needed)
  • Redesigned Grid template for IE 8 and IE 7
  • Fixed all widget areas in IE 8 and IE 7
  • Fixed Homepage Template widget areas in IE 8 and IE 7
  • Slider now works in IE 7 and works better in IE 8
  • Adjusted all color schemes menus in IE 8 and IE 7
  • Added missing background color support for menus in IE 7
  • Grid template summary text properly clears thumbnail image in IE 8 and IE 7
  • Added IE 8 and IE 7 conditionals
  • Fully tested in IE 10
  • Dropping support for IE 7, as of now it works fine in IE 7 it may not in the future.

New Features

  • Header search form option
  • Iris color picker
  • Option to use your own credits in the footer
  • Added Flickr widget
  • Added Google+ Widget
  • Added Twitter widget (updated code from NomNomm)
  • Added author biography widget
  • Font size options
  • Google fonts (almost 200 added) for areas listed below
  • Site title
  • Site description
  • Post Title
  • Post content
  • Widget title
  • Widget body

Other Changes

  • Content will display full width if no widgets are active for 2 column layouts (use them if you want to display single column layout)
  • Removed meta icons based on feedback (leaving the design up to the user)
  • Removed all custom meta functions from functions.php
  • Styled meta links for all color schemes
  • Organized stylesheets and improved comments
  • Minor adjustments to the slider for IE improvements
  • Updated to use new Iris colopicker as WordPress has moved to it
  • Added theme update notification (get notified when a new version is released)
  • Updated header.php to reflect official Twenty Twelve header
  • Updated navigation.js to reflect new code in Twenty Twelve
  • Minor CSS adjustments to bbPress styles for new bbPress versions
  • Fixed extra div issue in content.php
  • Minor CSS adjustments for color all schemes
  • Recoded single.php to work better with excerpt with featured image options
  • Updated to work with official Twenty Twelve release (please update to it)

I did also want to add a tabbed theme options panel but this will require a rewrite of the options page so it will have to wait for now.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Plus IE Fixes Complete

  1. AndyL

    Thanks for your theme. I’m currently building my first site using your original TTP Lite with Twenty Twelve 1.1, and it seems to be working OK including with IE8. However I plan to upgrade both together once fixes are released.
    One thing I would like to have is different side-bars on each page (or at least the option to have more than one set). To explain: I am bulding a site which is mostly a web site but with a blog page. I would like the blog page to have different widgets to the other pages – for instance the archive widget would only show up on the blog page. This doesn’t seem possible with native Twenty Twelve. Is it possible through either the Lite or Pro theme?

    1. Zeaks

      Post author

      Hi AndyL,

      This isn’t possible with any theme that I know of. It can be done using a plugin, search for “conditional widgets” plugin on, there are several of them.

      Update: I looked into adding this to the pro version, it worked fine for the two column layouts but caused alot of issues with 3 columns. I wanted to add it to tomorrows update, but looks like it will have to be added later. Conditional widgets plugin should do the trick though.


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