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I’ll be working on an update for Bootville this week that should take care of a few small issues that have been reported. I’ll be adding an option to replace the site title with an uploaded logo instead of having it display within the navigation bar. The placement is a feature of Bootstrap and it doesn’t seem to be very useful for most users so I might as well make it useful.

I’ll look into adding more color schemes but these may need to wait until the next update as the official bootswatch ones just don’t look good out of the box with this theme and will require some editing.

If there are any feature requests or issues you’ve noticed and haven’t reported them please leave a comment on this post and I’ll do my best to add them.

PS: I’ll also be releasing an update for Bootville Lite to reflect the bug reports of Bootville, this will be available from WordPress and you’ll receive a notification in your updates section when it’s available.


12 thoughts on “INC Bootville Update

    1. Zeaks

      I’m in the process of adding all the Bootswatch themes. They require a bit of extra CSS for this theme but should be finished soon.
      The header logo option is finished and working fine, the current navbar branding option is still included and the annoying issue with iframes not resizing properly has been fixed.

      The next update I’ll look into removing redux framework and having it as a required plugin. This will make the theme smaller in size and allow redux to be updated by the user through admin > Plugins

      1. Dmitry Zhart

        Nice to hear it, thanks.
        All changes a great (adding all the Bootswat themes, logo option, removing redux framework).
        Now, if you do not mind I’ll be boring and will express a few more small wishes :)
        I propose to follow the standards and use only lowercase folder names (including root folder). Also to look more professional, I suggest not to use the class names such as “welllll”.
        I apologize if these wishes look like a silly nit-picking :)

        Also in the code present some problems:
        1. File “header.php”, strings 62 and 63 seems mixed up – first has to be “” and thereafter “”. By the way, why the line element “string” is used as a block element? Is more correctly to use “div” for this.
        2. The breadcrumbs lack some opening “li”-tags. Lacking all except first and last.
        3. On the sidebar widgets, the closing div tags of the panel-body divs appear to be missing. It is topic on forum about that, but issue still presents (just to remind):

        All of these problems can be easily seen when you view the page’s source code. Firefox (for example) highlights trouble spots in red.

  1. Zeaks

    Hi Dmitry, thanks for your comment. I will take a look at the header, breadcrumbs and adjust the directory names, thanks for pointing those out.

    The class wellll was accidentally left over while testing I’ve removed it. The missing closing div in the widget section only appears when there is no title set for the widget. Visually it does not cause problems but I’d like to fix it anyways.

    The problem is there is no proper way (that I’m aware of) to determine if a widget has a title or not so the class can be removed if the title doesn’t exist, and used if there is one. There are quite a few posts about this on stackexchange and the WordPress forums. There are “hacks” I could use but I’m looking for a better way to fix it.
    If you have a suggestion on a good way to fix this feel free to contact me (link at the top of this page) I’d be happy to give it a try.

    Thanks again for the input, I really appreciate the feedback!

  2. Dmitry Zhart

    [b]Zeaks[/b], unfortunately I don’t have a good solution for this particular problem.
    But if you don’t mind I will leave here in the comments some things that I will detect during work with the theme.
    By the way sorry for my English :)

    I was noticed that class “.clear” (with style “clear: both;”) is missing on “bootstrap.min.css” and other css-files. So it should be? If I am not mistaken, this class exist by default in all Bootstrap versions.

  3. Dmitry Zhart

    There is hidden “Post navigation” h1-header after content (file “inc/template-tags.php”). Is it really need this header? This could badly affect the SEO.

    Actually, there should be only one h1-header per page. Therefore, in the list of blog entries is better to change the items headers from h1 to h2. For the same reason site-title is better to wrap as div instead of h1. Only page-title (on the category page) or entry-title (on the post page) must be wrapped as h1.

  4. Dmitry Zhart

    I’m use “Advanced Custom Fields” for creating content and use wp-function “the_content” only for excerpts. So theme interpret my exerpts as full posts and doesn’t display ReadMore-button in any case. Is it possible to add option to display ReadMore-button even for full posts?

    1. Zeaks

      It will be both themes. The lite is based on the full version so any changes added to the full version that would affect the lite will be included. You’ll be notified of an update through Admin updates when it’s available for the lite and I’ll create a blog post when the full version is released.

      The update is taking longer than expected as I’ve been away a lot over the past few weeks due to my real job, I do this for fun and in my spare time. If there was a major issue with either theme I’d patch it right away but the update will mostly contain new features and very minor bug fixes.

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