NomNom – Twenty Eleven Child Theme

There’s more to this popular theme than just an awesome name and the fact it’s a child theme of Twenty Eleven.
Numerous features and options have been added to save time and make things easy to get your site looking the way you want with just the click of a button.

I’m always thinking up more features to add, so if you have any suggestions feel free to post them on the forums.


  • 8 premade color schemes
  • 6 new layouts including 3 different 3 column layouts
  • Optional Nivo Slider in header with several options to control the look
  • Option to resize the header
  • Support for excerpts with post thumbnails
  • Second menu above the header
  • Extra footer menu area
  • Sidebar on post pages
  • Turn comments off site wide
  • Turn comment bubble, search form, main menu and author post avatars on/off
  • Area to add your own custom CSS that will not be overwritten with an upgrade
  • Google Font selector for most areas
  • Built in related posts under each post with on/off option
  • Template to display adsense in post content
  • Custom Twitter, Flickr, Author Biography widgets
  • WP-PageNavi template and style support, just install and activate
  • Color options for all menu areas
  • Copywrite date in footer years based on first and last published post
  • All code is well commented
  • Dark Scheme child theme support

And more…

Purchase the Premium Version only $5.00!
Download Free!

(all theme purchases include free installation and setup, use the contact form at the top to request it)

The difference between the free version and premium version is as follows. The free version stopped receiving new features at version 1.7 but it will always receive updates and bug fixes. The small premium fee is mostly for those who want to support the time I put into creating and supporting this theme.

Credits to these sites for the awesome help I received

GPL licensed

Check out some live sites using NomNom theme

465 thoughts on “NomNom – Twenty Eleven Child Theme

  1. alex


    Wicked theme i have used it on many sites, I am trying to get it to run on my own webserver as a default for my intranet. I am unable to change the color settings. i am just getting “” in the options, What could I be missing?


    1. Zeaks

      Could have something to do with yoru server not allowing connections to use jquery or something? I’m not sure, I don’t know enough abotu webservers to offer much advice >.<

  2. Knuth Becker

    hello zeaks,
    thanks for your products really nice 😀
    First of, if you go to my testpage, you’ll see a area, at the left, thats empty. how do make the posts go to the left? secondly, you see that the post thats not the first one, just shows the title. How do i make it show the excerpt?

    1. Zeaks

      Hi Knuth. You’re using the showcase template. It’s designed to only show 1 post, then the titles or the rest. It also uses a special widget area. Go to Appearance > widgets and add a widget to the showcase widget area.

        1. Zeaks

          You can just delete the lines with the paths that don’t exist, it’s a generic admin options panel, I didn’t go through all of the CSS. I’ll remove it from the next version if I decide to release it.

  3. Megan

    Hello, I’m very new at website building, so I apologize is this is an easy fix that I’ve missed; but I’m trying to make one page have no sidebar, but keep the other pages as content left. In twenty eleven it seemed to have an option on the edit page screen to change the template, but in Nomnom I don’t see the “one-column” option. Thanks for any help!

    1. Zeaks

      HI Megan. On the page editor screen there should be an option on the right to select a template to use, select the default template.

      1. Megan

        Well, that only works if I go to theme settings and change my “default” template to one column, and in that case it changes all of my other pages to one column as well. And even when I manually go change the ones I want back to sidebar, they remain one column.

      2. Megan

        Sorry… and in general, is they a way to make all of the template options show in the edit page screen as options? For example, if I want my home (static) page to be three columns, but my calendar page to be on column, and other pages to be sidebar? Currently the only options in my edit page screen are “default,” “sidebar” and “showcase.” Thanks!

        1. Zeaks

          Hi Megan.
          Changing the page template for one page, should not change it for others. If it does, then you have an issue with your site.

          If you want to have different sidebar layouts on different pages, you’ll need to use conditionals, this is not an option in WordPress.

          These are questions for the forums though, if you need more help on this, please post there.

        2. tracersa


          I am also looking for the same thing but can’t figure it out. As Megan said, currently the only option that shows in drop down are ‘default’, ‘showcase’ and ‘sidebar’. I wanted that my homepage be only one sidebar (left aligned) and all other pages having 3 column/2 sidebar layout.

          Any help please?

    1. Zeaks

      I was just made aware of this, I’ll look into it. You can set posts to use excerpts and it won’t show double content until I fix it.

  4. Debbie

    I am trying to upload the nomnom childtheme and I am a complete novice, first time working with wordpress and am having some issues. I’m sure it is user related! I have downloaded nomnom. When I go to wp-content and then to themes – I try to upload nomnom and it does not seem to work. Can you advise

  5. matt

    this is perfect! thanks I use twenty eleven a lot, but this saves me lots of time, generally child themes are customized too far but this is JUST right. Thanks a bunch.

  6. Adam

    I am trying to use the Featured Slider.
    I see only the titles, and do not see any images. i am unsure as to why.
    Can you have a look and let me know?


      1. Jenna

        Hi! I am having the same issue as the previous poster, I have set Featured Images for my posts, but all I see in the slider is the Post Title, not any images.

        Thanks in advance!

        1. Zeaks

          Hi Jenna, could you open a forum post please and I’ll help you there. Please include a link to your site, and if you want me to take a look PM me login details. Thanks

  7. Gerard

    Hi, I’m trying to make the search box background white all the time, rather than transparent until clicked. I’m stuck! I’ve tried the forums but no luck. Thanks

  8. Anirudh Babbar

    @admin : You have really done a wonderful job. I was searching on tutorials to modify twenty eleven theme, so reached your website. Just installed your NomNom theme and found it superb.

    I have used serveral themes before in last 2 years, but you have just made things simplistic then they were ever before.

    Found your theme several time better than original twenty eleven. Hats off dear.
    Nice work, keep it on., you have got one more fan.

    Anirudh babbar

  9. Zida

    Please help me :(

    Previously I’m using the Twenty Eleven 1.3 theme, and I just wanna try using this NomNom, but when I try to preview it, this message pop-ed out [Fatal error: Cannot redeclare twentyeleven_child_content_nav() (previously declared in / home / colleenk / public_html / wp-content / themes / NomNom / functions.php:78) in / home / colleenk / public_html / wp-content /themes / twentyeleven / functions.php on line 612]

    What’s the meaning of this?

    1. Zeaks

      Hi Zida

      Did you add WP-Pagenavi to your Twenty Eleven theme by following a post from this site? What I think is happening, is if you did add the code for wp-pagenavi to Twenty Eleven following my tutorial here NomNom uses the same functions, so they are conflicting.

      This is why you should always make your changes to a child theme and not the default theme. You’ll need to remove the function from twenty Eleven that you’ve added.

      If this isn’t the case, please open a forum post and I’ll help you.

  10. Nuwan

    Hi, We started to create a catholic church website network for our country. The best theme I ever found is nom nom. I really appreciate your great help to people. I have small problem. Can we add image slider to home page. I created a image category and select it in theme option. But after add pictures to it. It’s only appears when we click one the post. Doesn’t show in the home page. Please let me know if there is a anyway to add slider to home page.

    Thanks in advance.

        1. Zeaks

          Could you link your site please. The slider should work if you have added featured images to posts and selected the category those posts are in, in the slider options. As long as you are not using a static page for the index.

  11. Dana

    I am using this theme and it is great.

    I am just wondering is there is a to override the color and font options. I have my own font and css sheet with custom colors that I want to use.


        1. Zeaks

          You didn’t mention font-face. I’m not familiar with using that, you can always add your css to style.css, just keep in mind it will be overwritten if you upgrade.

  12. Got

    Nuwan great work with the site looks awesome.

    @ Zeaks, you have done a wonderfoul thing with the Nomnom theme, i´m playing with it now.

  13. Michael

    I am trying to run the nivo-slider included in the nom-nom theme.
    I have created a category Featured for the slider including excerpt and featured image. Unfortunately it doesn’t work.
    Can you please help – it’s quite urgent :-)

    1. Zeaks

      Hi Michael. If you’ve set featured images for the posts in the category you selected, the images should display.
      I’m not seeing the image links in firebug.
      Disable plugins to see if one of them is conflicting with the slider, it might be necessary to set the featured images again. Also, make sure you set a header size and saved it in NomNom Options > General options.

      If you continue to have problems and want me to take a look, use the contact form and send me login details.

      1. Michael


        I still have this problem. I’ll send you a PN via contact form.
        Do you have any possibilty to skype or so?

        I wonder if its possible also to display the post content in the slider instead of the title?

        CU later

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  15. Mirul

    i install wp-pagenavi, but button previus and next at the top not in correct place. Both button in the right entry.

    How can i fix it.


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    1. Zeaks

      It looks like it’s having problems displaying ext shadow. I tried it on my mobile using Opera Mini and it’s not nearly as visible as in the simulator.

      You can remove the text shadow near the top part of style.css or use text-shadow: none;

      According to this page Opera Mini ignores the blur-radius set, so no blur effect is visible. which would explain why it doesn’t look so great in that browser.

      In NomNom 2.0 there is an option to turn off CSS3 effects, but none in the free version.

      Thanks for pointing it out though.

  17. Derbie

    interesting wordpress template. It is remarkable. This is a great template that I rarely encounter ..

    success for the making of this template.

  18. Derbie

    I agree with @Penowo, that template is really nice, really amazing and have a creative idea of making this template. hopefully in the future become part of us. always successful for admin

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  20. Jeanette

    Hi, I used your theme, and love how it is turning out, but my post links / sidebar / widget links do not go to the posts when clicked. Can you email me and I’ll give you the blog address…thanks!

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