Epic Songs

Whenever I make a new warcraft video I search the net for a fitting song. During my search today I found a video on YouTube that has a list of epic songs and I’m sure I’ll use some. Here’s the video.


    Knight’s March – King Arthur
    What We Need Is A Hero – Beowulf
    The Launch – Armageddon
    The Great Eatlon – Lady In The Water
    Heroic Assault – Gears Of War II
    Infinite Legend – Two Steps From Hell
    Protector Of The Earth – Two Steps From Hell
    The Power Destroyer – Devil May Cry 4
    The Eggs Travel – Disney Dinosaur
    Death And Transfiguration – Hancock
    Europa – Globus
    Coronation – Immediate Music
    The Might Of Rome – Gladiator
    A Wing And A Prayer – Armageddon
    Battle Of Christophsis – Star Wars Clone Wars
    The Bridge of Khazad Dum – Lord Of The Ring
    Autobots – Transformer

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