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Ran across a site by Otto today explaining how is introducing a new feature called Gravatar Hovercards. It creates a popup for users with Gravatars showing more info from their Gravatar profile, such as web links, social links etc. You can see it working on this page unless you’re using IE.
Here is the code you can use to create a plugin. Taken from Ottos site.

Plugin Name: Gravatar Hovercards
function gravatar_hovercards_jquery() {
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'gravatar_hovercards_jquery');

function gravatar_hovercards() {
    echo '<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>';

Visit Otto’s site for more information

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6 Responses to Gravatar Hovercard WordPress Plugin

  1. Amor says:

    Haven’t used IE for a long time already, had no idea it wont be displayed. .. I just checked and.. oh well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog Zeaks. I’m loving this new feature too. :)

  2. Zeaks says:

    Seems to only cause problems in IE when lightbox 2 plugin is installed, might happen with other lightbox plugins, I haven’t tested it. I’d use it on this site, but it causes my recent comments links to direct to the users Gravatar profiles

    Update on this..I played around with the Wazzart recent comments code, just had to move the gravatar line outside of the comment link, and I replaced lightbox 2 with fancybox, I’m sure others would work too though. Seems to be working ok in IE now, though I noticed my navigation menu looks kind of funky in IE…i hate IE >.<

    • Amor says:

      I don't have lightbox 2 plugin installed but the hovercard's not working in IE. is it just me? I tried visiting blogs in IE and it still doesn't show. Don't know why. Am using IE 8.

  3. Zeaks says:

    I’m not sure really, they don’t work for me in IE, but there did at one point, now i just get an error.
    I ran a couple tests on my test site I turned off all addons and they still wouldn’t work for IE, then I disabled my theme and used the default theme, now they work in IE, so I guess it’s got something to do with the theme.
    I’m going to look into it more. I’m thinking it might be a conflict with some .js plugins or themes load.

    For example, I have my own theme made as a 2010 child theme, and one for 2010 weaver, weaver uses .js I think, they work on the 2010 child them version fine.

  4. Anas says:

    Hai zeaks, I have one way to make gravatar hovercard on website (non wordpress). Work properly.

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