Paid WordPress Customization 1

Most of the information needed for these design changes can be found throughout my site, but sometimes users are not comfortable doing it themselves, don’t have the time, or just don’t understand or want to do it.

So I’m offering custom help, prices are as follows.

If you have questions about something not listed here, use the contact form in the top menu to contact me.


Payments via Paypal only.
Requirements – It’s generally easier to do things with FTP access but it’s not required, WordPress access is.
Your server must meet the WordPress requirements for install – PHP5 and MySql
All design changes will be done using a child theme and to the default WordPress theme Twenty Eleven, some can be done for Twenty Ten as well, please ask when you inquire.

$10 WordPress install and basic setup

Includes any/all of the following (your host):

  • Install wordpress, setup basic, basic configuration – permalinks, settings setup, categories, start page, menus etc
  • Will answer questions about basic usage – creating posts, creating pages, creating menus/submenus, adding/removing categories, adding tags etc etc
  • Install theme/themes
  • Plugins – will install and setup most plugins, some plugins require alot of setup and are not included EX – Yoast
  • Setup widgets – arrange widgets, setup twitter, flickr, facebook etc widgets if installed.
  • $10 Basic CSS changes

    Includes any/all of the following:

  • Creating basic child theme template
  • Adjust sidbar width on default theme
  • Changing font sizes, family, color, add Google fonts
  • Change site title to image (you supply image)
  • Hide search, hide comment bubble
  • Padding and margin changes
  • $20 Advanced Template changes

    Includes any two of the following:

  • Add excerpts and post thumbnails for featured images
  • Install wp page navi
  • Add function to display adsense at the bottom of each post on the single post view page
  • Add a second menu area above the header
  • Change header size and or add custom default header images to child theme
  • Add sidebar to post pages and keep Twenty Elevens responsive layout
  • $20 Twenty Eleven 3 column layouts

  • Add extra sidebar for 3 column layout – dual left, dual right, left and right.
  • Integrate the new layouts into your child theme options
  • What I don’t do

  • Create custom themes from scratch – I’m not a designer
  • Create custom plugins – nope
  • Fixing plugins – better off asking the plugin author
  • Setting up extremely advanced SEO plugins/plugins – just don’t like doing it
  • Make me a logo? – HAH, Unless it’s of a stick figure or circle, No thanks, if you seen my photoshop skills you wouldn’t bother asking me in the first place.Use the contact link in the top menu to contact me.