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Since I removed my old site I’ll make a post with a download of my Warcraft Blockquotes plugin. Great for guild websites that wish to mimic the World of Warcraft GM posts. Add a Warcraft blue post blockquote to your selected text by easily adding tags and changing font color.


1. Download and unzip the plugin.
2. Copy the folder to the plugins directory of your blog.
3. Enable the plugin in your admin panel.
4. Use [ bluepost ]selected text[ /bluepost ]

Download on the downloads page.

Update: 1.2Bless from Horde Review made the images transparent so they will work with any color themes now, also no more manually changing the font color thanks to him. The height of the images has been increased so they will work with longer posts as suggested by Leandro. You can now use [ bluepost ][ /bluepost ] instead of the normal blockquote code, Bless’s idea, this will allow you to keep quoted text already on your site from being captured in the warcraft quotes.

* Increased image size to allow for longer posts.
* Works even when wordpress is not installed in root directory.
* Images made transparent to work with any color theme and cleaned up.
* Shortcode changed to avoid changing all quoted text.
* No need to manually change font colors anymore.
* Known issues, does not display properly in IE

Original Author: Wonko’s World visit his site for the original rounded corner plugin.

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21 Responses to WoW BlockQuotes Plugin

  1. Leandro says:

    Hey man,

    First of all, you need to increase the height of the tl.gif and tr.gif files (I’m using 5000px). The reason? You never know how much text you’ll put there, so 5000px is a safe bet.

    Then, change this:
    $tlurl = “/wp-content/plugins/

    To this:
    $tlurl = get_bloginfo(‘url’).”/wp-content/plugins/

    Not all people have blogs in the root directory ;)

  2. Leandro says:

    Oh and another thing: try to use PNG with transparency if you want the shadows. Then add some type of hack so the PNGs will work in that piece of s**t browser called Internet Explorer. IE6 is the WORST browser out there. IE7 is crap. IE8 is getting there. Lets hope IE9 fixes them all. I personally use Firefox and Chrome.

    Or just remove the shadows completely, and make the image borders transparent with NO matte. Again, not everyone uses white as the background color of the blog.


    • Zeaks says:

      Thanks Leandro, I’ll look into changing that. I originally used it for my own guild site, which had a white background, and just released it as is. I’m not great with editing images, it actually took me a while just to make those. I’ll work on it and release an update.

      BTW, nice site, did you make that theme yourself? I find there’s a real lack of nice WoW themes for wordpress.

      • Leandro says:

        Hi Zeaks,

        I made that theme based on Odinneke v4, an old WoW theme for WordPress. I took its template and started changing some things like the default width, some cleanup on the CSS, added dynamic sidebar support and etc.

        For my forums I used the Thor theme (old one too) and tried to stick with the blog theme.

        So I’m not sure if I can publish the themes somewhere so people can use it since I essentially ‘modded’ those themes to fit my guild preference :)

  3. Zeaks says:

    Nice work, I think it looks great. I took a look at Odinneke theme, it is fairly old, doesn’t even support widgets. If you decided to release an update of your own version, I doubt the author would mind. There’s a real lack of Warcraft themes for WordPress, most of them are so old and cheap looking. I contacted the author of Hogit theme a while back and tried to convince him to update it, he said he would, but I never heard anything back since.

  4. Bless says:

    Hello Zeaks,

    ok you two guys obviously have more PHP knowledge than I do, but I was wondering is it possible to set this up to work with a custom command? like maybe be able to put a command quote around the text you want to highlight as a Blizz blue other than the block quote?

    Reason im asking is I have looked for something like this a bit but my website is actually pretty large and I have quotes from players and other’s that I really don’t want to make appear as a Blizz blue.

    Agreed your site is nice Leandro I like it alot, and also I agree that you wont find any quality wow wordpress themes that’s why I like to hack away at one I find on the net this one is entirely different from its original. I like how its come along.

    • Zeaks says:

      Hi Bless, I guess what you’re asking is, if you can use another command other than the regular blockquote for posts with this. I’ve changed it so you can use wow instead of blockquote.

      It won’t change your current quoted text anymore. I still need to make the changes Leandro suggested which might take a while since I’m horrible with editing images, but here’s an updated zip with the changes you wanted.

  5. Bless says:

    Hey Zeaks

    I did some tweaking of my own to the CSS used and added images with transparent backgrounds, as well as added the


    function to the beginning of the file paths as Leandro suggested, as well I went ahead and updated it to show version 1.2 since I think these are important updates to the plug in since they will now show correctly no matter what your blogs background is.

    Id like to see it tested on another blog though, just to make sure all of the images will still line up on a site with a different width or variables. If you decide to test it or use it please give me a link because I got nowhere else to test it at the moment.

    If you don’t care may I host this modified version of the plugin on my own site, its the first plugin I have ever worked on and although its not an enormous amount of work im pretty proud of what I got accomplished.

  6. Bless says:

    Ohh yeah the link to download my version of the plug in almost forgot

  7. Zeaks says:

    Nice job Bless, I tested it on a dark theme and it looks great, I’ll set up a test site for you later so you can see it on a different theme.

    Go ahead and host it on your own site if you like, if you want it updated on the wordpress plugin depository, let me know, you can add what you did in the readme, and I’ll add your site to it as well.

    I would like to keep any comments on bugs and whatnot in this post so it’s easy to keep track of them though.

  8. Bless says:

    Great I really appreciate it, and there are a few more updates I am thinking of adding to it as well. ie. maybe a header or title of some sorts, I will keep you posted.

    Thanks for the support 8)

  9. Zeaks says:

    Note to self: Don’t try and figure out how to use the plugin depository at 5 am. Anyways, it’s been updated on

    Thanks Bless

  10. Bless says:

    Hey Zeaks,

    I have stretched those images out for this plugin already I don’t wanna post a download link here on your page but if you hit me up through the contact form on my site ill provide you with a download link. Of course Ive made some tweaks to the version I am using so you will just want to pull out the images you need and add them to your plugin.

    I need to stretch them again though because I stretched them to 5000 and its still not long enough for some of the bluepost lengths. For right now though it would at least be long enough for most things.


  11. Drdark says:

    Zeaks, great plugin….

    i like to know, if it’s possible use this in a custom webpage, without WordPress…

  12. Zeaks says:

    As is, no it’s not, it needs wordpress to work.

  13. Malchome says:

    Hello Zeaks and Bless

    Hey I have found a way to do most of what you were doing with div layers and images in plain CSS. True it is not as backwards compatible but going forward it looks cleaner and allows for easier customization in the theme templates.

    I modified your bluepost plugin to do it and if you want my code and css just let me know where to send it. Currently experimenting with it and styles on my test site.

  14. Zeaks says:

    Thanks Malchome. Could you send a copy to zeaks @

  15. Lassirra says:

    First, thanks for developing this plugin! It’s been extremely helpful!

    I made some adjustments to the plugin to help clean up some of the code (specifically, to get rid of all those unnecessary divs now that CSS3 will do the job for us):

    $bqpre_replacement = '';
    $bqpost_replacement = ' ';

    Note the -moz-border-radius: 3px. This will replace those rounded corner images thanks to CSS3 (though I don’t think IE has caught up yet, admittedly). I also replaced the background image(s) with one of my own, which you can find here and use if you like (you’ll see in the code, I used one of your original variables to call that image).

    One final change I would like to see made, if possible, is being able to specify a source link (a link to the blue post being quoted) for the quoted text within the shortcode. Something like [bluepost source="(URL)"]quoted text[/bluepost] and have that little blue and green icon you used originally act as the link specified in the shortcode.

    Thanks again for this awesome plugin! :)

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