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Good Ideas

I’ve been looking on google for sites using the 2010-Cataclysm theme today and there’s several of them now. One thing I thought was a nice idea was the use one site made of the RSS feed block. Not only can the rss feed be pulled from sites like MMO-Champion and the official Warcraft site, but if you have a forum installed, it can serve as a latest forum posts if you put the proper feed url in as most popular forums have this built in. … Continue reading

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2010 Cataclysm Theme update

I made a few minor changes to the 2010 Cataclysm theme they are listed here. If you just want to update the files that were changed, upload the new style.css, and the blizzbg.png in the images folder. I’d like to see any sites that are using this theme, I know of several so far, so feel free to post your link on the theme page or email me with the contact form and I’ll add it to the list. 1.2 Beta changes. Styled the menu … Continue reading

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