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Gravatar Hovercard Fix for IE

I noticed when using Ottos code for displaying Gravatar Hovercards on my site was giving me an error with IE. At first I thought it was a plugin conflict. After testing it with different themes, it seems to be a theme conflict, but I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I posted the issue on wordpress.org forums And between a few members they found a solution. When you add … Continue reading


Gravatar Hovercard WordPress Plugin

Ran across a site by Otto today explaining how WordPress.com is introducing a new feature called Gravatar Hovercards. It creates a popup for users with Gravatars showing more info from their Gravatar profile, such as web links, social links etc. You can see it working on this page unless you’re using IE. Here is the code you can use to create a plugin. Taken from Ottos site. <?php /* Plugin … Continue reading