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Epic Songs

Whenever I make a new warcraft video I search the net for a fitting song. During my search today I found a video on YouTube that has a list of epic songs and I’m sure I’ll use some. Here’s the video. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtMKFdeHF9o Knight’s March – King Arthur What We Need Is A Hero – Beowulf The Launch – Armageddon The Great Eatlon – Lady In The Water Heroic Assault – … Continue reading

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Friday Night Heroes

Found this video today, well it’s not much of a video, but the song I like. Just a couple of kids, Ryan Adam Archie and Toby  in a band called  Friday Night Heroes, or maybe that’s the name of the song, or maybe it’s both, I think they have two songs out out, yeah I didn’t read up on them much. Anyways check them out, never know they might get … Continue reading

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Scott Hot

This is me being stupid, I have no idea why I made this video, I just got home from work and was playing around with the webcam. You know you like it.


It’s Alive!

Funny scene from Dexter Season 2 Episode 1