NomNom Update 2.0.3 and 1.7.3

Here’s a small update to NomNom Twenty Eleven child theme for both free and premium versions. The only fix was the menu thickness. Something was changed in the last update to Twenty Eleven that moved the default menu slightly which caused an issue with Nomnom.

Here’s some tips on updating for those who have done modifications to the templates in their theme.
If you just want to upload the modified file, open the zip, and upload includes/color_options_css.php and upload it to your site overwriting the current file.

If you want to edit the file yourself (it’s very easy) open includes/color_options_css.php scroll to the very bottom and change #access { margin-top: 0px;} to #access { margin-top: 8px; } save and close.

For anyone else, just delete your old theme and upload the new one, your settings and anything in the custom CSS area will remain intacted.

This fix applies to both the free and premium versions.

Grab the update from the NomNom Theme page, premium users can use the link they received in the email.

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