Twenty Plus 1.3 – Update

Here’s the new Twenty Plus Pro 1.3 Twenty Twelve child theme Update. I’ve added several requested features and bug fixes to this version. It will be the last feature version for this theme, any future versions will contain bug fixes. Sorry for the long wait, I wanted to make sure I stomped out all (I hope) of the bugs and included everything I had planned.

Please read before updating!

As this is technically a child theme, please remember that if you update your theme any modifications you’ve made to template files or style.css will be overwritten.

If you have not backed these changes up or made note of what you’ve changed they will be lost! If you’ve added custom CSS to the custom CSS area in theme options, it will be saved while you upgrade. (widgets, menus, header images should also remain)

How to Update

My preferred method to update this theme is to download a backup of the theme folder using FTP or file manager, then set Twenty Twelve as your current theme, delete Twenty Plus Pro and upload the new zip file and activate.

Alternate method is to use FTP, download a backup of your current theme, then upload the new theme overwriting the files.

After the updated theme has been activated, visit Appearance > Theme Options and click the “Save” button at the bottom, this will input any new settings into the database in the off chance it doesn’t do it automatically.

More documentation on the new Twenty Plus Guides subforums.

If you require assistance updating your site, feel free to contact me using the contact form at the top.

Users that have already purchased Twenty plus Pro can simply use the same download link they were given when they purchased their theme.
You can purchase Twenty Plus Pro for only $10, your purchase includes support, installation if needed and any future updates.

Thank you Harry, Bernlo, Sanko and Malkie for your suggestions and input.

New Features

  • Font Previews!
  • Meta Icons are back, this time using Genericons
  • Meta Icons or Default text option
  • Meta Icon color picker, make your icons any color you want!
  • Now uses Iris Color Picker instead of Farbtastic
  • Select your own excerpt length for blog posts
  • Option to disable Google Fonts sitewide
  • Open to turn off top menu
  • Select from large or small featured image for excerpts
  • Show or hide featured image on single posts option
  • Slider images now link to the posts instead of just the excerpt title
  • Slider excerpts are bigger and set to default length as requested

Meta Icons Genericons

Color Pickers

Bug Fixes

  • Footer widgets now properly align when stacking more than one widget in a widget area
  • Javascript conflicts should be resolved with My Calendar and other plugins
  • Image captions should no longer show in excerpts when an image is at the top of a post
  • Wp-Update script removed, auto updates are not a good thing for child themes
  • Fixed issue with default link and icon colors not changing on new color scheme selection
  • Added icon color to theme customizer
  • Resolved Debug messages

Changelog Notes

  • Changed license to GPL as forced to by WordPress. (For some reason the license of the this theme directly effects getting a free GPL theme reviewed at
  • Updated depreciated code borrowed from Twenty Eleven that is apparently only allowed to be depreciated in their themes
  • Updated documentation via sub forum, will continue to update as needed
  • Version number changed to 1.3 to avoid confusion with 1.1 which was supposed to be 1.2

Other Notes

I know some users will love the new icons, and some will hate them. The reason I picked Genericons is simple. They are lightweight, they are fonts not images, so they can be styled (drop shadows colors etc), and they have a neutral look to them. I try to pick colors and features that I think will appeal to the majority of users.

If you don’t care for them, you can always add your own.

I was planning to add two new layouts with 300px wide sidebars but changed my mind. The options panel is becoming a bit overwhelming so I’ve written a quick “how to” on the forums for anyone wanting to increase their sidebar width to 300px.