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2010 Cataclysm

I originally started creating this theme for my own guild site, and I liked the way it looked so I decided to share it.

You MUST have Twenty Ten theme, the WordPress default theme installed to use this.

To install, any version 2.1 or newer, just upload through the admin interface, or upload with FTP.

There are two index files included, one with the RSS Feeds block, one without, look in the theme folder and you’ll find an index.php without the block, just replace the current one with that.

If you plan on using the Custom Avatars For Comments plugin, upload the commentavatars Comment Avatars (34) to


Grid style page template- This can be used as a static page to show all of your posts in a grid style format. Simply select “Grid Page” from the page template menu when creating a page. It can be set as a static front page for those that want a magazine style layout.

WoWHead Tooltips- to use these, simply create a link to any item in wowheads database in your post or mage. More info on detailed links can be found here

Warcraft Blue Post styled quotes – To use the wow quotes feature, use [wowquote author="Author" title="Title" url="url"]Content Here[/wowquote] in any post or page.

Item level Tags -I’ve added special tags in the css you can use to color text in your post the same color as items in game. Tags are as follows: artifact, heirloom, legendary, epic, rare, uncommon, common, poor. You can use these by using the html editor and adding for example – Some Item Namethis will change the font color of the item to epic item level color.

RSS Feed Block- I thought some might like this, it can be disabled easily though. There is no admin options for this feature.
To change the Left RSS feed in the block simply open index.php in your theme folder. and goto line 23 where it says $rss = fetch_feed(''); and change the url to your own RSS feed.

To change the RSS feed in the right block, goto line 47 and change to your desired RSS feed.

To change the titles of these blocks, in the same file search for Cataclysm Feed and Character Feed and change them to whatever you like.

If you do not want the RSS feed block on your site, upload the included index.php (located in the “No-RSS-Index folder) to your theme folder overwriting the current one.

Included Headers- I’ve included 9 basic headers, goto admin>appearance>headers and select one. If the new header does not apply after first installing the theme, click “remove header image” save, then select one of the headers.

Plugins used and recomended

Extended recent comments- I choose to use this comment plugin because of how easy it was to style, and the layout of the recent comments was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve added styles for this plugin in the theme, just install and go.
Download here -

Custom Avatars For Comments- This allows users to select an avatar when they make a comment instead of using the defalt gravatars. I’ve included several avatars in the “commentavatars” folder. If you plan to use this plugin, simply upload the folder to yoursite/wp-content/ directory. The plugin should work with it’s default settings. If you experience an issues with only default avatars showing, switch to Twenty Ten theme, then back again, it should fix any issues.
Download here –

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild- If you experience any issues with featured images not displaying properly in the posts, or images too large etc, I recomend installing this and running it. After install goto tools>rebuild thumbnails and let it run, then view your site.
Download here-


Some functions.php code –
Grid style page code mostly from –
Header images are from –
Warcraft avatars by –
WoW Blockquotes Feature –

Visit The Demo
Download it Here2010 Cataclysm Theme (491)

1.2 Beta changes.

    Styled the menu navigation a bit, added dropdown color and opacity.
    Cleaned up the block quotes background image.
    Changed the RSS feed in the left block to read MMO Champion by default instead of my own wowarmory.
    Changed the font size for better readability.
    Added a small bottom margin to the sidebar for sites without alot of content which prevents the sidebar from running down into the footer.
    Added a forum page template for use with the Vanilla Forum embed plugin and my new matching forum theme.

Jan 5 2011. 2.0 Changes.

    Made style changes to the menu bar.
    Fixed image alignment issues.
    Added next and previous links to the Grid page and fixed nav links for all other pages and posts.
    Added basic theme admin with 4 layout styles.
    Added better Warcraft quote style, now with source link and author.
    Fixed alignment issues with RSS block and content for all layouts.
    Adjusted fonts throughout the theme.
    Added color to comments off link.
    Fixed footer background image in IE.
    Added opacity to nav menu in IE.
    Fixed H2 titles in RSS block in IE.
    Fix a bunch of other small things throughout the theme no one will notice.

Jan 14 2011. 2.1 Changes

    Optimized all images.
    Changed zip directory structure, too many people were having issues installing.
    Custom avatars and theme are now 2 separate downloads.
    Added box shadow effect for more areas in IE.

Jan 16 2011 2.2 Changes

    Updated missing wrapper and footer background image extensions.

26 Responses to 2010 Cataclysm

  1. Patrik Båt says:

    Hello, when is this available for download? Great Theme! :)

  2. Zeaks says:

    Just had to clean up a few things, hope I got them all. I’m still not happy with the fonts, I always have trouble with them, they never look right, but I think it looks ok.
    It’s in the downloads section now. Let me know if you have any problems.

  3. Zeaks says:

    hmm, give me a few minutes, seems the download manager broke when I upgraded wordpress.

    ** OK, download links are working, sorry about that.

  4. OnlyAhero says:

    Thank you very much I downloaded it

  5. Zeaks says:

    Welcome, let me know if you decide to use it on a site, I’d like to see it

  6. OnlyAhero says:

    I just upload it to my host but its not looking like on your test server
    here is the link

  7. OnlyAhero says:

    mate this not looking as your test server there is a problem with it,here is the

  8. Zeaks says:

    Doesn’t look like you have Twenty Ten theme installed. This is a child theme for Twenty ten. Twenty Ten is the wordpress default theme, just install that, and activate 2010-cataclysm. Instructions are in the read me file included.

    If this isn’t the case, let me know.

  9. OnlyAhero says:

    ok I just setup up wordpress.So its coming with twenty ten.I upload your theme to my server.I think there is another problem

  10. Zeaks says:

    I’m seeing this when I view your page source with an editor. “The requested URL /wp-content/themes/2010-Cataclysm.Theme.v1.1-Beta/twentyten/style.css was not found on this server.”
    it should be /wp-content/themes/2010-Cataclysm
    Did you upload this through FTP or through the admin section?

  11. OnlyAhero says:

    I upload it from FTP manager,Now i will try from wordpress manager,does it metter?

  12. Zeaks says:

    Use FTP manager.
    The directory structure is wrong. Follow this.

    Upload the “2010-Cataclysm” folder to /wp-contents/themes

    Upload the customavatars folder to /wp-content/

    so it should look like

  13. OnlyAhero says:

    Ok its same as u say but again :( its not is my directory ss from ftp manager:

  14. OnlyAhero says:

    Oh no sorry I got it .How I couldnt see that Ok Ok its working now Thanks Alot!!!

  15. Creylen says:

    A nice theme.

    I have put it in use at our fresh (and quite empty) guild site.

  16. mirt says:

    He and Thank You in advance for making such a beautiful theme. My question stem around Feature content. Is it possible to ad featured content to this website. I would love to have images of the bosses we have downed on the front page and have it rotate between images.

    My second question is, are you aware of any forums that could be used closely with this theme to stream line the effect it has. (i would rather edit a forum to look like your site than the other way around) you have done an amazing job with this theme. :)

  17. mirt says:

    I believe i worded the plug-in wrong, it is actually called “Featured Content Gallery”

  18. Zeaks says:

    Yes it is possible to add it to this theme. You could add it like any other theme, the RSS block I included could even be used for that I suppose. As far as a forum goes, I did create a forum theme for this for Vanilla Forums you can read about it here I’ve set up a demo you can try the forums out by using login= pass= demo

    The forum theme works with the vanilla embed plugin It will place the forum directly in a page template in wordpress, I’ve included a forum-template specially for this in the theme.

  19. Shamarice says:

    He Zeaks,

    I love your theme but i simply cannot get it to work all the blocks are always messed up on my site, do you perhaps know why this is happening ?

    I have the Twenty Ten 1.1 Theme ( was already in my wp package when i installed it )

  20. Mike says:

    I love the theme and have it in use on my website, thank you for sharing!

    I have 1 question. How can I make the dropdowns from the navigation menu on the top less transparant. They are so transparant at the moment that it’s hard to make out the text when the dropdown is pulled over the posts below.

    Thanks again, Mike.

    • Zeaks says:

      Open style.css and find

      #access ul ul a,#access li:hover > a,#access ul ul :hover > a {

      change the opacity numbers, or you can remove them, the higher the number, the less transparency use numbers like 0.95 for the first and 95 for the second. One controls the transparency for IE, the other for Firefox.

  21. Zeaks says:

    I’m turning comments off for this, please use the forums for any questions or requests about this theme, it’s easier for people to look through issues there , than in the comments.