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Fluxbb Weaver

This theme is a Twenty ten Weaver style. You need to be using the latest version of 2010 Weaver to use this style. (currently 1.6 beta 6) It’s made to match Fluxbb and is what this site currently uses.
Here’s a few screenshots of areas my own site doesn’t display (or just in case I decide to change styles)

The RSS and Twitter icons in the header are included, please place them on your own server and link to them in advanced options
Add this code to the “Post-Header Code” area in advanced options (changing the urls to match yours)

<div class="header-rss"><a href=""><img alt="Follow me on Twitter!" src="http://YOURSITE.COM/wp-content/twitter-1.png" title="Follow me on Twitter!" class="alignnone" width="25" height="25" /></a>
<a href="http://YOURSITE/feed"><img alt="Zeaks Blog RSS" src="http://YOURSITE.COM/wp-content/rss_blue.png" title="RSS" class="alignnone" width="25" height="25" /></a></div>

The CSS for them is already included.

The theme was made to have the header image hidden, but it looks fine with it active as well. I tried to remove all the extra CSS code I use for my own site, it shouldn’t have any effect on your site if I missed anything though.
Download Here FluxBB Weaver Style (58)

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