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2010 Plus Theme

***This style no longer displays correctly with the newest version of Weaver, I’ll update it soon***
Twenty Ten Plus theme for 2010 Weaver. I’ve made this style for 2010 weaver after my own site which originally used a Twenty Ten child theme. It was designed to be a clean, all around usable theme without the use of a header image, but this feature can be turned back on.
Some things will not be customizable though Weaver main options simply because I wanted the theme to look a certain way, but these can always be changed through advanced options.
I’ve left documentation for each area of the style sheet and included a ReadMe and an extra style for Wizzart Recent Comments.


    Added style sheet documentation
    Post meta icon support for 2010 Weaver 1.4.
    Style support for Clean Contact Form.
    Style support for Comment Quick Tags plugin.
    Style sheet for Wizzart Recent Comments plugin included in zip.

Instructions on how to disable certain features of the theme, such as removing navigation shadow, widget and post title text shadows.

Valid CSS besides the shadow text code.

View the Demo:

Visit my Demo Site to see a demo with everything in it.

Download it here.

I’ll be updating this soon with the same color styles as SimpleTen theme soon, and fixing several issues with it for the newest weaver version.

2 Responses to 2010 Plus Theme

  1. Semih says:

    hi admin, beaitiful theme . Download link please.

  2. Zeaks says:

    Thanks, glad you like it, the download is in the theme section of the downloads page. I just finished a Twenty Ten version of it with a few options and color schemes it’s also there

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