Twenty Fifteen Theme Early Look

Every year WordPress comes out with a new default theme, this year it’s called Twenty Fifteen theme. Twenty Fifteen a clean, blog focused theme with a fixed sidebar. If you’re like me you might want to check it out before it’s released to play around with to see what it can do.

By downloading the latest WordPress beta you’ll find a copy of Twenty Fifteen inside. Grab yourself a copy here Latest WordPress

Keep in mind this is beta and not meant to be used on a live site yet and may (probably does) have a few bugs. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Here’s a few screenshots of what it looks like so far. Images were taken from the official post by Konstantin Obenland

4 thoughts on “Twenty Fifteen Theme Early Look

    1. Zeaks

      Hey Harry, yeah this is Metro theme used on this website, I’ve been using it for a while.
      As for Twenty Fifteen I don’t care for the static sidebar and scroll bar but it can be changed easily. It’s also very easy to show a right sidebar instead of a left one.

  1. Brad Dalton

    I really thought they where heading down the right track with Twenty Twelve. Would have been good to see lots of page templates, widget areas etc. Lets see what they include.

    1. Zeaks

      I thought the same thing with Twenty Twelve too Brad.
      I doubt we will see more than the one widget area, though there is an option to display social media links in the sidebar. There’s no footer, no right sidebar, the menu will be in the sidebar.

      I’ve managed to add a footer widget area for two columns, and moving the sidebar to the right and removing scroll bar is fairly easy. Creating a three column theme with it will take some work though.

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