Twenty Plus Lite – Twenty Twelve Child Theme

Twenty Plus Lite, Twenty Twelve child theme. This is the light version of Twenty Plus Pro, it has the most commonly requested features from users that want to customize their theme. Twenty Plus Light comes with two color schemes, left and right sidebar layout GPL Licensed and more!


  • Dark and Light color schemes
  • Left or right sidebars
  • Display excerpts or Full Posts
  • Three footer widgets
  • wp-PageNavi ready, styles included


This is the lite version of Twenty Plus Pro Try it, use it, and if you like it and want bigger and better features, consider upgrading!

Twenty Plus Lite

51 thoughts on “Twenty Plus Lite – Twenty Twelve Child Theme

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  5. Ricardo

    Hi Zeaks!

    Nice work with the child theme, offering a free and a paid one…nice one, found a couple of glitches though:

    1: the menu button/IE8 problem

    2: when setting an uploaded image as post thumbnail that same image appears twice on the single post page, it appears before and after the post title.

    any chances of fixing this?


  6. Ricardo


    The problems with the duplicate images goes away if i dont setup a post thumbnail image but i need to have one for the main page, so i did the next best thing, i erased “<?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>” from the single.php and the problem dissapears, i dont need the post thumbnail to show up on a single page.

    About the menu in ie8… on my test site a “mobile navigation menu” shows up instead of the normal menu, this problem has been discussed on the forums.

  7. Zeaks

    Sure Ricardo send me the test site URL.

    I’m unable to duplicate the issue with the featured image on either the lite or pro versions, I see only 1 featured image on single.php and it’s above the post title.

    The problem with the menu in IE8 is fixed in the next version of Twenty Twelve.

  8. Ricardo

    i think im not explaining it correctly, you called it featured image and normally i read people calling it postthumbnail image

    for example my main page has an excerpt and it shows a postthumbnail picture that has to be setup when writting a post, normally the picture that i upload on the post is used as postthumbnail aswell, in the main page it works perfectly but if i go to the post single page i see the postthumbnail image, after that i see the title and then the post with the same image again.

    I think Postthumbnails are not meant to be shown before the title in the “entry-header” they are “post thumbnails” not featured images, am i getting it wrong?

    im sending the demo url through the contact form


    1. Zeaks

      Post thumbnail and featured image are the same thing. Twenty Twelve displays the post thumbnail on index as well as on single.php which should be the way this child theme works too. If you’re adding the image within the post as well, you’ll see it twice on single post view. I don’t care for the featured image to be displayed on single view either, but I wanted it to work as Twenty Twelve does.

      Removing the code from single.php will work, or you could add CSS as I’ve done with this site to hide it on single.

      .single .entry-header img.wp-post-image { display: none; }
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  11. turiya

    Hi, thanks or making this child theme. It really looks great.

    I have posts set to show as excerpts in the wordpress settings as well as this themes options and they are still showing full text.
    Any idea why?

    Is there a way I can show the image of the latest post in larger size instead of thumbnail?


    1. Zeaks

      Hi turiya, if excerpts are selected in theme options, it should display an excerpt with post thumbnail if there’s one available. Where in WordPress settings are you turning on excerpts besides theme options?

      For your second question you should open a forum post.

  12. Ashwani Kumar Singh

    Hi Zeaks ..Thanks for such wonderful child themes…I wanted to ask one thing How did you made that “DOWNLOAD BUTTON” Like that and also in front of your comments there is a small PIcture saying “Post Author”. How did you do both of these ..please reply…

    1. Zeaks

      Hi Ashwani, the download button is CSS with gradients, and a class added to the link in the post. I can share the CSS with you if you open a forum post.

      The “Post Author” in comments, is part of Twenty Twelve, it should display similar on your own Twenty Twelve theme or child theme.

  13. Jay Daniels

    Zeaks, looks like I’m in pretty good shape. If you look at my site, I used your code to set up my footer with your footer widgets. Looks great except I would like for my font color in the footer to stand out and be more readable. How can I change the color to say white instead of gray? And, last but not least, you can see white between my footer color of read and the background color outside the content area. I was attempting to use your code to separate the body content and the right sideboard (or at least a line on the left side of the right sidebar). Got any ideas?

  14. Mikael

    I use the twenty eleven theme.
    So when I upload a picture (1000×250) as Featured Image, twenty eleven use it as header picture.

    I preview your twenty plus lite on my website, and I see the defaut header picture and the pic I select as featured image.

    Do you know what can I do to use this function?

    Sorry for my english … I’m from france 😉

  15. Karen

    Hi Zeak:

    Thank you – I just recently downloaded twenty plus pro. I installed this as a child under the twentytwelve theme on my website. I am guessing this was incorrect, because no changes produced on the admin side (dashboard) for wordpress.

    Can you assist?


    1. Zeaks

      Hi Karen. Upload Twenty Plus Pro by visiting Appearance > Themes > add New – Upload. After that, just activate it, then visit Appearance > Theme Options to configure your theme.

      Twenty Twelve theme must be installed (not active) If you’re unable to get it working, use the contact form link at the top of this site and send me an email and I’ll assist.

  16. Stephanie

    Hi Zeak –

    Love this child theme, thanks so much for putting it together and sharing! Just out of curiosity, is there any way to add an additional footer widget, or to disperse the 3 widgets evenly throughout the width of the footer area? I can make do with 3 footer widgets, but I have a bunch of blank space on the right hand side of the footer widget area that I’m not too crazy about. Thanks for the help!

  17. lian00

    With debug mode on, I’ve got this error (in french because my installation is in french)

    WP_Admin_Bar add_node est appelée de la mauvaise manière. L’identifiant du menu ne devrait pas être vide. Veuillez consulter la page Debugger dans WordPress (EN) pour plus d’informations. (Ce message a été ajouté à la version 3.3.) in /home/***/www/photos-famille/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2959

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