Warcraft level 70 Cap Raiding

It’s been about a month since I’ve played World of Warcraft after Rift was released. Rift is a good game, but I missed friends on WoW so after talking with my girlfriend Heather, we decided to try something different. We’re going to level new characters to 70, and then turn off experience and raid Burning Crusade dungeons.
warcraft rogue teir 6
I had alot of fun in the Burning Crusade expansion, and alot of friends never got to raid those instances back then. I don’t find Cataclysm much fun. I thought it was the increase in dungeon difficulty at first, but it’s not. I can’t pinpoint why it’s not fun, maybe it’s the fact we lost so many guild members and can’t seem to replace them because of the guild levels now, I don’t know.

I think this could keep us interested for a while. Burning Crusade wasn’t the easiest expansion, but it has a large variety of instances and areas that always seemed to keep me busy. The gear and items look really nice and the boss fights were great. We considered capping at level 60, but those raids were mostly 40 man, and we didn’t think we would be able to find enough people to properly raid them. We won’t be using BOA gear while raiding, only the gear we would of had in BC.

Anyways, we’ll see how it goes, and I’ll post updates. I’m playing a rogue, mostly because I played a rogue in vanilla and bc and I really want those warglaves :P

Bit of an update with this, we have about half a raid of players now. We’ve set a few rules for the raid. 1. No gems or enchants or gear that you wouldn’t have in Burning Crusade. We’re allowing glyphs because I feel all glyphs were taken into consideration when classes were balanced. We’re not allowing Dks in the raid for two reasons. Everyone will want to roll a DK because they start at level 55, and DKs didn’t exist in Burning Crusade.
We plan to run all raids just like we would of progressed back then. Kara, Gruuls, SSC, TK, BT, SW and whatever in between and running heroics before Karazhan.

If you play wow and want to join the raid, you can leave a comment, or use the contact form, or message anyone in haha no zug zug guild on Feathermoon server (yeah, an RP server but we’re not an RP guild)

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