It’s just Weaver! | new version 1.7

Twenty Ten Weaver 1.6 was rejected by the theme reviewers at because of a new set of requirements that would have required an extensive re-write of the theme. After making a few changes including a name change and security updates, the reviewers agreed to host version 1.6.

This could be good news though in my opinion. Twenty Ten Weaver, although based on Twenty Ten, which was basically a super advanced child theme, has pretty much turned into it’s own framework. It has so many options and different ways to configure it I can hardly keep up anymore. It’s much more user friendly than Twenty ten is for a novice user that wants to make more changes than just the background color and header image, yet still has more than enough options and different ways to configure/style it, that it’s great for an advanced user too

I think the name change, and possibly code changes in the future will move Weaver further away from what Twenty Ten is and I think we’ll see alot of really nice websites being designed with it.
I’ve added a new category to my site just for Weaver, I’ll work on moving all my posts on Weaver to it in the next few days.

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2 Responses to It’s just Weaver! | new version 1.7

  1. Zeaks says:

    Very nice, I’ll add it to the list tonight. I really like the social widget and header.

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