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I’ve been running this site on WordPress 3.0 since it was available for download. Beta 2 was released last week, and I updated without any problems. Though I don’t use many of the new features yet I did play around with the new menu options, which seem to work pretty good.

I’m more interested in the new default theme 3.0 comes with, Twenty ten. It allows the use of child themes. Child themes allow you to use Twenty Ten theme as a framework while allowing you to customize anything you want really.

After following several guides on creating child themes for Twenty Ten, this site mainly Thirty Ten, I’ve managed to move my sidebar to the left of the site, change font colors, move the menu to the top of the header, and also add new default header images in the admin.  Most of the code I used was taken from Thirty Ten piece by piece so I could learn exactly what it did and how it worked.

Here’s a screenshot of my admin with 4 images added along with the Twenty Ten default ones.

This is all done with adding a bit of css code to my own stylesheet and a bit more code into my own functions.php file. I’ll explain how I did it in another post soon, after I figure out more that can be done with child themes.

The great thing about using a child theme is, when you update Twenty Ten, your child theme doesn’t get overwritten, so all your changes are saved.

Read my second post on how it was done here I’ve also explained how to include a search form into Twenty Tens header here or view my List of Twenty Ten child themes here

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5 Responses to Twenty Ten Child Themes

  1. Aaron Jorbin says:

    I’m glad you found that Thirty Ten was a good guide and example for making your child theme. The site looks great!

  2. Zeaks says:

    It was a great guide, I only managed to change a few things so far, but it’s pretty cool how it all works. Thanks for the guide

  3. Russell says:

    Twenty Ten is a great theme, and your right, with multi site now in every version of WordPress the importance of using good parent themes is more critical than ever before.

    I just made my own Twenty Ten child theme and wrote up a series of 5 tutorials so that anyone who wants to make their own child themes can follow along. The theme is called Oh One Oh Two, and though it may not be the sexiest theme ever, it is a Twenty Ten child , and I documented how I created it.

    The theme was released GPL and people can download it and see just how it fits together at

  4. Zeaks says:

    Nice tutorial Russel, I’m adding your theme to the Twenty Ten Child Theme list with a link to your article, thanks.

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