World of Warcraft Twenty Ten theme – Comming Soon

I’ve started working on a new theme, mostly because I’ve wanted a Warcraft theme for WordPress for a long time now and haven’t found very many. I made it to reflect the new Battlenet Warcraft site a bit. It’s not nearly complete but you can take a look if you want. I’ve added the Wowhead tooltips, and old warcraft style quotes into the theme and will add some style for the available warcraft addons for wordpress. If it turns out ok, I think I’ll also create a matching Vanilla Forums theme, since Vanilla now integrates nicely with wordpress, and also create a 2010 Weaver style with it so users can easily change areas of the theme.

Let me know what you think of it so far, oh and ignore the background image, yeah it’s from the battlenet site, I needed something to give me an idea on what the rest of the site should look like. I’ll probably include a Horde and Alliance background (if you know of any that might look good let me know).

Take a look – Warcraft WordPress theme

PS: Best viewed in firefox

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