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Since I removed my old site I’ll make a post with a download of my Warcraft Blockquotes plugin. Great for guild websites that wish to mimic the World of Warcraft GM posts. Add a Warcraft blue post blockquote to your selected text by easily adding tags and changing font color.


1. Download and unzip the plugin.
2. Copy the folder to the plugins directory of your blog.
3. Enable the plugin in your admin panel.
4. Use [ bluepost ]selected text[ /bluepost ]

Download on the downloads page.

Update: 1.2Bless from Horde Review made the images transparent so they will work with any color themes now, also no more manually changing the font color thanks to him. The height of the images has been increased so they will work with longer posts as suggested by Leandro. You can now use [ bluepost ][ /bluepost ] instead of the normal blockquote code, Bless’s idea, this will allow you to keep quoted text already on your site from being captured in the warcraft quotes.

* Increased image size to allow for longer posts.
* Works even when wordpress is not installed in root directory.
* Images made transparent to work with any color theme and cleaned up.
* Shortcode changed to avoid changing all quoted text.
* No need to manually change font colors anymore.
* Known issues, does not display properly in IE

Original Author: Wonko’s World visit his site for the original rounded corner plugin.

21 thoughts on “WoW BlockQuotes Plugin

  1. First, thanks for developing this plugin! It's been extremely helpful!

    I made some adjustments to the plugin to help clean up some of the code (specifically, to get rid of all those unnecessary divs now that CSS3 will do the job for us):

    >code< $bqpre_replacement = '';

    $bqpost_replacement = ' ';>/code< Note the -moz-border-radius: 3px. This will replace those rounded corner images thanks to CSS3 (though I don't think IE has caught up yet, admittedly). I also replaced the background image(s) with one of my own, which you can find here and use if you like (you'll see in the code, I used one of your original variables to call that image).

    One final change I would like to see made, if possible, is being able to specify a source link (a link to the blue post being quoted) for the quoted text within the shortcode. Something like [bluepost source="(URL)"]quoted text[/bluepost] and have that little blue and green icon you used originally act as the link specified in the shortcode.

    Thanks again for this awesome plugin! :)

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